Use LED for VEG on Mobile Shelving to triple your production

We just completed a study and designed for a client how to transition a grow from a sea of green, for the vegetative growth period to a sea of green on several levels using many tiered mobile shelves. We analyzed not only the design of the shelving, but also how to provide a cost effective lighting strategy. We studied the Manufacturer Model for LEDs, Plasma, CMH, and MH by comparing these variables: Electrical Wattage, PPF/ Fixture Photon Efficiency Order Cost, # of Units, $/PPF Suggested Height above canopy PPFD Estimate, $/PPFD of Grow $/PPFD /sqft D.L.I. $/DLI /sqft Hrs/ Day. If you are interested in getting a general idea of how to go vertical with the Veg stage, let us know, as we h

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