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On-Site Power Engineering

Smart Power Engineering

Zam Energy brings Microgrids, Combined Heat and Power, as well as can run LED lighting DC to DC with Solar for grid integration or connected to a battery back-up as a complete engineered and financed solution. We can own and operate, finance as a lease, even provide construction loans to ensure you bring your operation to market.


We have designed all aspects of on-site power, and can bring you a host of options because not all cannabis cultivation facilities use power in the same manner.  The facilities that level out their peak power needs reduce their electricity bills substantially.  We will model out your power options, examine financing options, and add features to give you highly controlled environmental conditions as a by-product.

We also integrate with your controls system energy monitoring equipment to give you a better understanding of energy use, costs and peak demand. Whether you need on-site energy, or energy efficiency we can walk your team through the pros and cons of the many energy challenges and alternatives to powering your agriculture business.