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Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

Over a decade of Environmental Leadership

Since 2011 we have simplified and streamlined environmental action for public and private businesses, nonprofits and governments. We are a diverse team of results-oriented industry experts dedicated to creativity, integrity and excellence. Our turnkey approach has been awarded Champion of Change for Renewable Energy by the White House, and our projects have decarbonized across sectors globally.

Zam Energy is focused on future proofing facilities with Always-On Power Microgrids.  To support this vision we are building out a Power to X (P2X) infrastructure. Pairing electrolyzers and hydrogen fuel cells to generate carbon free electricity to support critical loads for energy reliability, security, sustainability, and economic benefit.


Our focus is backup or prime power, microgrids, grid support, and combined heat and power applications  We are ahead of the market incorporating hydrogen and fuel cells to meet or exceed the performance and value offered by incumbent technologies. 

  • Power to Mobility: Hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell-powered buses, cars, trains, forklifts, trucks and other vehicles.

  • Power to Power: Not one renewable electron should go to waste. Green hydrogen enables renewable energy to be accessed by anyone at any time.

  • Power to Gas: Green hydrogen can be burned (usually blended with natural gas) to heat homes and businesses. Blending hydrogen into the natural gas pipelines is another way to reduce carbon emissions.


Eliminate outages with clean, reliable, uninterrupted power.


Reduce price uncertainty from energy costs with superior power quality.


Accelerate the path to decarbonization and better air quality for all.

Ask us on how to finance your project- or which partner can own and operate your power plant

We process rebates and negotiate power contracts 

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