Zam Energy

Zam Energy creates energy efficient grows without the CAPEX expense to keep your business resilient against competition and to propel your leadership to set an example for solutions to the climate change challenges ahead.


Whether it is to help you finance your horticulture project, using our Energy as a service Efficiency platform, design lighting for your grow, bid out LEDs that meet your criteria or plan on-site power using our ZamGrid TM -- we work for you.

Together with our partners, we help owners and operators of facilities in the horticulture industry improve yield and gain efficiencies with technology and finance to reduce operating expenses and increase contribution to sustainability (and bottom line).  By walking the talk you end up showing consumers you have their back.

We are here to help your grow be more resilient to commoditization and part of the change for a better climate future.

Ask us on how to finance your project- or which partner can own and operate your power plant

We process rebates and negotiate power contracts