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Zam Energy

With roots based in bringing sustainable technology to market, Zam Energy has a knack for making things happen.  Whether it is to help you finance your horticulture project or plan on-site power we work for you. 

Together with our partners, we help owners and operators of facilities in the horticulture industry improve yield and gain efficiencies with technology and finance to reduce operating expenses and increase contribution to sustainability (and bottom line).  By walking the talk you end up showing consumers you have their back.

Zam Energy is pleased to offer financing for start-ups in the horticulture industry for clients poised to pull the trigger to fund planned growth. Companies that are in the final stage poised for immediate growth are the best Candidates.

We offer 3 Types of loans:
1. Unsecured Business Term Loan/Line:

 Up to $150,000 lender

Underwriter will determine final amount Starting 7.75% - up to 10 year term (No pre pay penalties)

2. Unsecured Personal Term Loan/Line:

$75,000 - 100,000 (stacked up to 4 times)- 6.99% -12.99% - 5- 7 year term (no prepay penalties)

3. Business/Personal Revolving Credit Lines:

$40,000 - $60,000 0% (9 - 18 months 0% interest)

Ask us on how to finance your project

We can process your preapproval for up to $600,000 within 7 days