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Lighting for Grows

Our lighting experts at Zam Energy study the latest research in the horticultural sciences. This blog is a place for you to stay ahead of what we have vetted, and are vetting in pilots LED, HPS, Metal Halide, Induction, Water cooled LEDs and fluorescent products. We have also been in hundreds of grows to see and hear what works, and doesn't work, and take all the different philosophies and data into consideration.

We hand pick partners who are grower consultants to work with you and our team of lighting designers, to vet what works best for your grow.

Working with a plant biologist who understands the interchange of lighting with the environmental factors is one of our key differentiators.

Having completed hundreds of projects, our team and partners have many years of

experience investigating the effects of a broad range of lighting on a range of

crops. In every project we are on the lookout for the optimum lighting approach.

Best practices based on knowledge of how to use light to grow a

certain crop under certain conditions come mostly from hands-on experience. We document:

• Lighting aspects: light level, spectrum, required uniformity, position and time

• Parameters for which the lighting best practice is valid, e.g. climate conditions

• Expected results besides energy saving

What is suitable for different segments within horticulture, e.g.

vegetable production, tissue culture and young plant production, cut flowers, cannabis flowering under multiple tiers,

seedlings and nurseries all require documentation, years of study and data tracking.

Zam Energy is documenting approaches, and offering advice for your grow team, and we bring to your premises the latest technology to pilot in controlled experiments.

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