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  • Erin Sharp

Use LED for VEG on Mobile Shelving to triple your production

We just completed a study and designed for a client how to transition a grow from a sea of green, for the vegetative growth period to a sea of green on several levels using many tiered mobile shelves. We analyzed not only the design of the shelving, but also how to provide a cost effective lighting strategy. We studied the Manufacturer Model for LEDs, Plasma, CMH, and MH by comparing these variables: Electrical Wattage, PPF/ Fixture Photon Efficiency Order Cost, # of Units, $/PPF Suggested Height above canopy PPFD Estimate, $/PPFD of Grow $/PPFD /sqft D.L.I. $/DLI /sqft Hrs/ Day.

If you are interested in getting a general idea of how to go vertical with the Veg stage, let us know, as we have some insights that may save you time and money. Overall we recommended LEDs on a multiple, mobile tiered solution that essentially will more than triple the VEG space.

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