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  • Erin Sharp

Is excessive humidity preventing high-quality flower production due to botrytis?

Lighting conditions have to be aligned with cultivation in order to control / suppress botrytis. A current review of published research finds that overall - LED spectrum can make a difference. Valoya offers one of the top ultrawide spectrums on the market to use in your tool chest to help battle botrytis. Valoya offers the widest full spectrum on the market.. by offering an unmatched high red to far-red ratio witth UV as a supplement to blue. The UV and blue amount in the Valoya spectrum in combination with the high R:FR ratio will increase plant immune response.

Research to date has found Monochromatic far-red lighting was most harmful as it reverses the blue light response (inhibition of mycelia growth).

Through the change in the spectrum Botrytis determines the best time to attack the plant. Conditions seem to be best during the dawn which has increased high humidity combined with high plant susceptibility. Low amounts of far-red and high red to far-red ratio are beneficial as they resemble noon conditions. Please contact us to understand more on active botrytis control strategies as it applies to using monochromatic blue light.

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