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  • Erin Sharp

A Serum for the Future-

For several days now in Boulder, CO we wake to a crepuscular din that clings from dawn to dusk. Physically reaching inside our scratched, scaled lungs and itchy eyes in this supercharged drought.

Hot temperatures and non-existent precipitation have squeezed out the monsoon season which we are accustomed to welcoming daily in July, by freeing open our windows to let in the damp cool breeze of lazy summer afternoons.

Alas, Coloradans’ newfound existence seems similar now to our Californian cousins, under extreme fire storms. Add the tension and monotony of CO-VID 19 social distancing, where our freedom is restricted, forcing one to look deeper and ponder why.

Some fear this is a glimpse into summers coming to Colorado. It is as if a big switch has been turned on- and we feel it in our bones that we may not be able to switch the heat cycle out of autopilot mode now.

"I have, as most scientists do, real worries about what yet additional warming will do to what is already a bad situation," Brad Udall, a climate scientist with the Colorado Water Institute at Colorado State University,

The chief economist, Joseph E. Stiglitz, of the World Bank from 1992- 2000 and who was awarded the Nobel in economic science in 2001, cites;

“In 2018 the I.P.C.C. put out a report explaining how much worse a 2 degree Celsius rise in temperature would be than a 1.5 degree Celsius rise. He continues on “It takes only a little care in reading beneath the surface of the prodding scientific prose to realize how worried these scientists are. Understandably so: We have not seen these levels of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere since the Plicene Epoch about three million years ago, when the polar ice caps were mush smaller and global sea levels were 10- 20 meters higher than today.”

There is something loud and clear being asked of Americans - and that is Indifference is not an option.

We have a lot going on here, not to mention California is burning on all cylinders, for a start of the season wake up call, two hurricanes are barreling side by side towards the Gulf Coast, and smoldering flames are still high in social unrest sweltering with the Black Lives Matter protests, and CO-VID 19 high transmissible rates have taken off here in the United States leading the world in positive cases.

This human crisis may awaken a return to a human scale, where indifference is a symptom of crises: Climate Change, Covid-19 and Institutionalized Racism.

The weight is real for climate change, air quality alerts mark our progress. My goal with this post is to signal a way to disarm this indifference - a virus in need of a serum.

Zam Energy focuses on specific actions that mount an attack to indifference. We bring finance tools to make reduction in energy consumption easy, we even pay for a total energy efficiency upgrade, bring on-site renewable energy power to shave peak utility charges, and also, working on the executive team, at SunPath, whom the Department of Energy has financed and is now in a Series A fund raising round, we are changing indoor lighting by capturing sunlight via collectors and channeling that sun into food and medicine crops ( and eventually into a built environment to bask in sunlight energized space.

Make indifference obsolete, join Zam Energy as a customer, or invest in SunPath and apply a new serum for the future.

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