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Congratulations to Boulder County for supporting the decarbonization of Cannabis

The BCCCC seal allows the consumer and others in the supply chain to know that they’re supporting a cultivator who is working towards carbon neutral cannabis production.

The certification process is designed to help cultivators by providing a step-by-step framework for strategic energy management, implementation guidance, and compliance support. I hope many other counties follow in similar programs.

We have all the tools needed to decarbonize cannabis, including financial like what Zam Energy offers, using our Energy as a Service. I applaud Boulder County for supporting this very important area of work. The goal of this certification is for organizations to create meaningful reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions over a three-year period. The Cannabis Conservatory is working with Boulder County on the certification process.

Over the weekend, I was also inspired by the work at Project Drawdown.

To help inspire your team, I highly recommend the site at:

Drawdown is the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline. This is the point when we begin the process of stopping further climate change and averting potentially catastrophic warming. It is a critical turning point for life on Earth.

At the Drawdown website, be sure to view the climate solutions 101 unit- six part series.

If you have time for Netflix, you have to view these 6 free videos:

Climate Solutions 101 is the world’s first major educational effort focused solely on solutions. Rather than rehashing well-known climate challenges, Project Drawdown centers game-changing climate action based on its own rigorous scientific research and analysis. This course, presented in video units and in-depth conversations, combines Project Drawdown’s trusted resources with the expertise of several inspiring voices from around the world. Climate solutions become attainable with increased access to free, science-based educational resources, elevated public discourse, and tangible examples of real-world action.

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