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  • Erin Sharp

Economic gain of $26 trillion through the year 2030 if investments are made in low-carbon technology

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Your grow business stands to gain here. The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate’s report projects an economic gain of $26 trillion through the year 2030 if investments are made in low-carbon technologies and resilient infrastructure, rather than conducting business as usual. Such investments offer an unprecedented opportunity to leapfrog the wasteful, polluting infrastructure of the past, and accelerate the global transition to efficient, climate-resilient, and low-carbon economies.

Climate-resilient infrastructure can have a multiplier effect. According to the Business Commission for Sustainable Development, investing $320 billion annually in sustainable business models in developed economies could unlock $2.3 trillion in additional annual investment by 2030.

Zam Energy assists Controlled Environment Agriculture - conducted often in a robotically outfitted warehouse, encased in sensors driven by artificial intelligent sensor networks optimizing as it adapts to the plants and the plant's living environment. Great investments are being made, and just one area is still keeping this industry from long term success- and that is the cost of energy. Carbon emissions can be optimized with reduction in energy required to run plant factories, and that is where Zam Energy has a solution - as we work at the intersection of renewable energy, sustainable finance, and energy efficiency to grow food and medicinal plants economically, with careful care to reduce carbon emissions. As partners our goal is to reduce onsite energy costs, and finance the upfront capital leaving the client free to invest in expansion and leaving us to pay for the energy saving technology, as you just pay your energy bill to us, and partner as our team member on long term energy efficiency and climate resiliency strategies.

With our energy finance partners, we invest in onsite energy saving technology, such as IoT and LEDs, as well as renewable energy, our goal is to decarbonize your grow operations working as collaborators towards a goal to make sustainable agriculture economically attractive.

Areas with sun and high utility rates in N. America and Mexico can get a strong assist using solar microgrids- we will size, design and build, and optimize your grow for energy efficiency- and not a dollar of your capital will need to be deployed. Give us a call- free estimates are our bread and butter, contact Erin Sharp - for her profile go to:


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