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  • Erin Sharp

Future Proof your Grow

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Future Proof your Grow - using carbon neutral solutions- that are better for your grow’s yield, bottom line and best for the climate.

AND WHY? Why Now? Why Cant Cannabis Producers Wait?

According to research climate sensitivity reflects how sensitive the planet is to rising carbon dioxide levels, we are now unlikely below the low end of the range- meaning- we have low odds of getting lucky at this point. Warming caused by high carbon producers will make our chances even worse.

So, since I know you care about the future, here are ideas that Zam Energy can guide your Ops team through using behind the meter solutions to give you the power to reduce your total energy spends, matched with flexible financial deal structures and access to credit to get your grow meeting your most ambitious yield goals. Zam has done the work and brings finance mechanisms and technology to teams; yes, even LEDs are outperforming legacy HPS used in indoor grows at several of our client’s indoor grows with the right PPFD and now with sensor tech you can double yields.

The Finance: Long term patient capital has been proven to make Energy as a Service a win win for the cannabis industry. Just ask us how we can pay you to retrofit your grow, and pay only for your electricity.

The Tech: We recommend IoT, cameras, sensors, solar, on site energy monitoring, and LEDs that reduce footprint and increase yield. Also, behind the Meter: Innovative Control Systems manage usage, optimize consumption, reduce your costs and emissions and generate and store power to build resilience. But let’s get serious about Demand Response. With proprietary demand response programs from our partner you can generate additional revenue by tailoring your power usage to fluctuations in demand.


One-third of the electricity we produce for clients is generated using renewable sources, including solar, and we’re working hard every day to add more renewables to our portfolio with PPA contracts and develop new joint venture projects.

So why the hurry to Future Proof?

Steven Sherwood, a climate scientist at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and an author of the new report concludes:

“We find that a large volume of consistent evidence now points to a more confident view of a climate sensitivity near the middle or upper part of this range. “


Currently, with atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide at 415 parts per million (compared with a preindustrial level of 280 parts per million), the world is about halfway toward doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide (560 parts per million). And already, the Earth has warmed by at least 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) preindustrial temperatures.

Now, a team of researchers has sharply narrowed the range of temperatures, tightening it to between 2.6 and 4.1 degrees Celsius.

Zam Energy has packaged a strong program to reduce onsite energy consumption in Cannabis Grows, using long term financial planning, and ensuring all parties can win.

Programs like this take the No I can’t do this objection away:

Here is an overview of ZaaS: We provide guaranteed energy savings with our long term patient capital no out-of-pocket costs for your business through our unique Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service solution. We provide all the technology, 100% of the investment in efficiency upgrades, and the expertise to deliver the most energy efficient, highest savings solution without the project risks or the frustration of competing financial tradeoffs. We combine constant monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades like LED lighting, superior HVAC, IOT sensors, temperature and, renewable energy sourcing- without touching your yield!

In partnership with our cannabis customers, we are the Win-Win Energy Revolution, completely removing all the complexity and financial hurdles, reducing energy usage and pollution, and delivering savings from day one.

Zam Energy is calling for a Cannabis Climate Agreement for mitigating the industries effects of climate change. We challenge large scale Cannabis MSOs to sign the Agreement.

We are organizing a campaign and hope you will join us.

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