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  • Erin Sharp

Sourcing your carbon offset portfolio to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, requires trust.

The co-benefits of carbon offsetting projects offer a unique opportunity to address environmental and social challenges. We specialize using our Before More Disappears Platform as Project

Developers that focus on biodiversity conservation, protecting large masses of natural environments as carbon sinks, and clean energy development for energy communities. It is crucial that standards and certifications ensure the integrity and effectiveness of co-benefits by actively involving stakeholders and promoting strong governance.

We build a multi-year portfolio of carbon projects to align with corporate priorities, offering diversification of credits, and secure supply. We’ll also centralize purchases and work with suppliers to minimize your operational overhead.

The keys to picking the projects rest on the following tenets:


Without this purchase, a project is evaluated by whether or not carbon would have removed from the atmosphere.


Your purchase is only as good as the verification - we ensure the project will remove the carbon it claims and understand for how long the carbon will stay out of the atmosphere.


Other than the carbon removed, what is the impact of the project? Can new learnings impact the future of carbon removal science?

Supporting such projects, certified according to rigorous standards, is an important step towards transitioning to a low-carbon economy and creating new models of sustainable development.

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