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  • Erin Sharp

Carbon Reduction Solutions from the Ground Up using Energy as a Service

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The Controlled Environment Agriculture/ Agtech industry is now in the ClimateTech 3.0 period where several solutions to prevent the climate crisis exist for immediate action. Science shows we can stay below 1.5°C through three pillars of action – 

1. a shift to 100% renewable energy by 2050; 

2. protection and restoration of half of the world’s lands and oceans; and 

3. a transition to regenerative, climate-friendly agriculture. 

Zam Energy offers ways to take immediate action -- smart energy solutions tailored for Agtech/CEA companies to implement quickly. We have done all the leg work to make it easy to commission energy efficiency solutions on site that can also improve yield targets. We've partnered with long term patient capital and apply proven horticultural tech with finance so all parties consider it an immediate win- including our next generation who will inherit this climate.

The Goal: Reduce your on site energy risk, using third party finance and see cash positive results for your grow.

Zam Energy offers customers an Energy Service avoiding upfront capital investment. We see this service on a fast-growth track and we are venture backed with an energy management outsourcing company that delivers energy savings with no out-of-pocket costs to our customers through our unique Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service solution.

Clients can now control three variables formerly determined by the utility: sustainability, resilience and cost predictability and Zam Energy is the first in the market to tailor this specifically for horticultural businesses.

We tailor for each facility iterated on to ensure—as targets change and become more aggressive—the grow is following the yield targets. Over time our system collects greater amounts of data and insights on assets in ways one-time energy projects may not.

Financing has traditionally been the largest barrier to moving forward with energy projects, but EaaS has reduced and, in some cases, even eliminated up-front capital expenditures

We provide the technology, 100% of the investment and the expertise to deliver the most energy efficient, highest savings solution without the project risks or the frustration of competing financial tradeoffs. We combine monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades such as LED lighting, superior HVAC, IoT devices, temperature and refrigeration controls into an easy, one-stop solution.

In many cases, the facility realizes a cash-positive position on the project immediately”.

You ask what are the downsides? We do seek a Long-term commitments (6 years), there are some montly costs that are small but help finance higher priced LED lighting and facility size restrictions can stall a project. For many, they are more than offset by upsides such as no up-front cost, reduced maintenance cost, ongoing performance monitoring, increased energy efficiency.

Another upside is the ability of EaaS to expand access to renewable energy solutions. Zam Energy often finds a way to integrate electricity from carbon-free sources from multiple providers.


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